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Apple Watch Series 2 42mm Stainless Steel with Milanese Loop

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  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Have you come right here, you have probably already read most reviews around this wonderful watch.

    What's good with this particular variant is that it looks good and, unlike many other models, is a good replacement for a "regular" watch.
    Also has sapphire crystal glass which means that it does not get a single scratch throughout the year as I have had it, despite hard wear.

    However, it is recommended that you buy a rubber strap so that you can use it during exercise and in contact with water. Do not use the "loop" bracelet as you bath or shower because it will rust!

    Otherwise, it is very affordable if you see it as a competitor to the other, slightly more luxurious (non-smart) watches.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Very good to be a watch

    If you see the product for what it is, you will be satisfied. Do not expect a thumbnail of your iPhone on your wrist, but look at what it is.

    I use it mainly for:

    -Make Time and date
    -Make Weather and temperature
    -Quick controls

    Quick controls are primarily used to these things:
    -iMessage - Answer quick notes
    -Bring Timer using Siri
    -Styra Music (Apple Music)
    -Skumma Through email
    -Make notes
    -remote Control to Apple TV

    I do NOT watch for: (but the things that go to make)

    -Svara The phone, in any case I do not sit without a headset in the car
    -Svara On long messages
    -Look Instagram
    -Shoppa From ASOS
    -Fjärrstyra Camera on the mobile phone

    Pros and Cons of the Apple Watch Series 2:
    + Quick
    + Stylish
    + More information than a normal clock
    + High-quality stainless steel and sapphire crystal
    + Siri is much more useful here than on the phone
    + It does not extend for the phone as often
    + Waterproof
    + Easy to change the band, even to shorten and lengthen link bracelet for yourself
    + Can play locally stored music to wireless headphones (without phone)

    -Do Loaded every other day
    -Blir Not motivated to exercise more, as it only sends reminders to move and breathe
    Lacks apps and functionality
    -Will Become out of date (unlike other clocks)
    Mean poor selection of Home Kit -products
    -App Developers have not created smart features that are good right on the clock. Tex, you can not watch Snaps (Snapchat) on the clock, but you see that you receive a snap

    In summary:
    The time is very good, but lack the "key-features". I miss apple pay. Something kind of access to doors, such as car and home, so you do not need keys anymore. (Where is the Apple Key?)
    You get used to fast at this and would rather not be without it, but at the same time, there is much potential for improvement. Setting a timer with Siri is very obvious and works perfect, but Siri overall need to improve to be used even more. Tex "Put on Die Hard 3 on the Apple TV" will not work. Siri does not understand that we pronounce "Die Hard" in the same way as in the US, so you have to talk Swenglish with her. She will not understand that the image must be sent to Apple TV. Sure you can impress by putting on their TV with its Apple Watch and also control the content, but we are not quite "there" yet.
    When Siri become better and when we see more products branch contacts linked to Home Kit will watch become more relevant. Sure, you can buy Eve Energy for 500 bucks for each lamp at home, but it is not reasonable. To upgrade their home with equipment for 10-30000kr to only be able to turn off the lights with his watch feels a little "overkill".
    Yes, there is the Philips Hue also, but what if you have a lamp where the entire design is based on a stylish light bulb?

    Apple needs to get moving at Home Kits products themselves, develop Siri and begin to create their own apps that makes the clock gets even better or perhaps just drop existing in Sweden (apple pay * cough *) Perhaps even able to read blood sugar levels? "Take an apple"
    Are you in Apple Ecosystem and like the past, you will probably be happy with this, but it's definitely not for everyone.