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Polar M600

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  • Very Poor
    8 months ago
    Quite useless in finding the GPS signal, it will be longer delay in use, so you can expect that GPS can not be started again without reinstalling the entire clock. The support from polar is not an elevator, only they say is to reinstall the clock so it should work, never any other solution or that it is an update in progress. Very frustrating to spend some money on something that works a bit like that and no help with the problem from the support. For me, it never becomes a polar product again.
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    Uses it mainly for running and notifications along with my android phone. Run for two years and been 99% stable with pulse on gps; which is the best I've experienced. Make sure you have GPS and pulse before starting the pass .. Square, which is a big plus at the edge.
    A sequel with a slightly faster processor and larger battery and screen.
  • Poor
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Is a relatively clean, cool watch. Do what it should but in my case there is an error. The sinking is the worst crap ever.
    No autosync, loses BT, which means that 99% of my manual passes fail. Have switched both phones o Try to email support but the problem persists. Have 2 years passed to pass type 5 pass but should be 500 + st
    So sadly disappointed at the time. Many brands have the same features but this watch only creates worries after training.
    [[avoid purchase]]
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Bought this instead of a Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, where the GPS barely works ...

    What a difference ... GPS locks fast, the statistics seem to be fine. Polar's "Flow" app and website provide a good overview of the training.

    It uses it as a lock-in, and it does it with a goodbye. Too bad not to Spotify Offline (yet) Offline is only supported with Google Music.

    Too bad that "Voice Coach" is missing and that the most vibration is heard feels barely.
  • Decent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Preliminary impression after a day. Has not had a smart bell earlier but long experience of mobile computers of different kinds. Run the clock with SGS7.

    + The screen is large enough to see notes and read them. But in some sort of middle class.
    + Quite fast compared to eg with the first generation of apple watch. As soon as you click on things, things happen (usually) what you expect.
    + Battery life is clearly good. It should be easy to have two days battery life.
    + Wear 2.0 floats on well.
    + Exercise functions are all right. Probably quick to get started with a specific button that takes you to the Polar Flow app.

    - There are no speakers.
    - There is very little vibration at the time. So no sound and no vibration (almost), making it impossible to miss the clock not to miss phone calls, text messages and more. There should be a note after about 50 minutes if one moved too little. But I have never noticed it, but only afterwards.
    - It's right breezy. It should feel ok to have a pretty thick bell on the arm. But it was a bit less than I thought. So it's good to be able to check in advance.
    - The bracelet stinks plastic when it comes. So if you're sensitive to fragrances then you may need to stop it / bracelet in water as the iofs can handle.

    Sum: For me it works but I was clearly aware of the general disadvantages of android wear watches. But it was a disappointment that notices do not call me but only passively can I find out when I watch the clock. Over time, it's possible that I might like to have something that calls me. But my thought not to miss phone calls is lost.

    I bought it for about 2800 kr on XXL in store.
  • Good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Have basically everything you're looking for in a pulse watch combined with smart clock. Do not think others succeed in measuring here. On the other hand, it is a bit big and clumsy that draws the overall rating.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    It is super there is no problem with the