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Days Gone (PS4)

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  • Perfect
    8 days ago
    A really fun game if you like Open Word with lots of zombies but there are some bugs that they should have fixed. Highly recommended!
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    You will miss some if you do not give this game a fair chance.
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    This game is incredibly good. One of the few games where the story and the characters' dialogues are anything but "cringe".
    Some may think that St. John who is the protagonist is a surrogate, but I think his way of reflecting on the sick who have affected the world feels more credible than if he were pleasant. Incredibly good dialogue in this game. Combat is fun if not perfect. It is noticeable that those who work at Ben's studio are real gaming fans because it shines through the production. Almost a full pot looks so much forward to the sequel to this.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    One of the absolute best games for Playstation 4 along with, among others, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, all of which are also exclusive to Ps4! (Xbox has no games that are even close to this console generation despite their on the paper sharper Xbox One X).

    First review below:
    Is just under ten hours into the game and makes a review already now that the game seems to have received a little merit with criticism when it should be buggy, etc. according to game reviewers who played the game BEFORE RELEASE and BEFORE the two patches that have now arrived! I have seen / experienced two bugs so far, one smaller in a milk sequence and also that some sound disappeared about five hours in which required a reboot (minor errors such as these are quite normal in new reading in big openworld games and will certainly be patched away soon) I play on Ps4 Pro myself and the game is really nice and flows well (ordinary Ps4 has problems with framedrops and the graphics are obviously worse, according to Digital Foundry). The game has varied environments and weather that can change from brilliant sun to rainy rain at any time and it can even start to blow a lot, there are also of course day and night cycles. The game feels like a mix of The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemtion 2, and Far Cry, the melee feels tremendously fulfilling when you have a plank, ax, baseball bat, machete or any other attachment that you sweep to the enemies with full force! An ax, for example, makes the process short while a plank does not do much damage and is quite meaningless if you encounter more than one enemy. All attachments have different durability and can break after use so you need to repair or find new ones. You can also upgrade these weapons, so why not put some nail on your baseball tree for example. Knives are always available to use and fit perfectly when sneaking up on someone's skiing (then use the automatic) process then becomes short and brutal as well as silent. Firearms also have a lot of everything from a pretty useless gun where many shots are needed if you don't hit your head to significantly better rifles and shotguns, etc. which does great damage, better weapons can be bought a bit into the game and you can also mount sound attenuator on weapons to silently eliminate enemies. Enemies have plenty of everything from various people to fast freakers (humans and animals infected with viruses) who run fast if they see you and attract more to you if you silence them quickly, so here's how to think a little tactically. There are also animals, both dangerous (freakers) and harmless that you will encounter during the course of the game.

    The graphics on Ps4 PRO if you run on 4K TV with good HDR is really nice! The ground is extremely detailed and varied with grass, stone, clay and more. mm. and there are many small details that really raise the graphic (Digital Foundry has looked a little extra at this and says that the details are some of the best they have seen in a game and also that rain and blown etc. are very convincing done). Lights, shadows and smoke etc. they are also very good in this game.

    // Played on Ps4 Pro / 60 inch 4K HDR TV

    ** What does HDR mean and why is it so good?

    The simple explanation is "better pixels instead of more pixels" where HDR offers an extended contrast range with much better detail in dark / light scenes as well as an improved color management with more shades and depth of image. The idea is simply to make the picture more realistic and recreate how we humans see in reality where, for example, a dazzling sun should give the same effect as when we look out the window.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Great game!
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Awesome game overall. Like this kind of game though I'm a little disappointed in the story. Now after finishing the main story I was a little disappointed that it only ended with so many "loose ends".

    Why did he befriend kouri without following up on that alliance? What happened to blowing up the caves and blocking the highways with Iron Mike to prevent the flocks of freaks from coming? Who is Nero and why did they never really meet them? The cure and getting a closure on the whole virus stuff ?! Why else would you follow that they mutated more and more, get an understanding of how they are constructed etc etc if you should not get the answer to how to solve the problem?

    The game ends with Deacon getting her girl back and so they lived happily ever after ... Wtf ?!
  • Poor
    12 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    (Review after about 7 hours of gaming. Will update when I get further.)
    Edit: Updated now and I give up this game. There's nothing that drives me further. Flat characters, totally unsympathetic main character, meaningless story that doesn't seem to lead anywhere and still months after release bugs right and left.

    Many shortcomings, but entertaining if you have nothing better for them. A little Far Cry, a little The Last of Us and a little more.

    More detailed, good first:
    + Neat though monotonous.
    + Good controls
    + Often quite good battles.

    You may have been spoiled with RDR2, Horizon: Zero Dawn and other superb open-world games, but right now this feels pretty flawed at several points.

    At first a taste maybe, but a pretty goofy biker romance. Had I spent 90% of my time driving around on forest roads, well, not a chopper would be my first choice.

    Bugs and deficiencies:
    Read about all the bugs, and many would be fixed by now, but there are plenty still. It is a graphic error that all car wrecks suddenly consist of such 8 polygons that lack texture, and so a lot of things that happen in the wrong order in the story: NPCs standing and waving at some place even though they should not be there, the character you play talking about doing things you've already done, etc., etc.

    Then it is these things in the dialogues that completely remove the empathy. Dialogues that cross and do not fit into the story's course of events (ex. Boozer is tired and will sleep and two seconds later he is as alert as possible in the voice and talk about something else). If you fill up with petrol even though you have 95% full already, you will hear "Oooh, I really needed that".

    The AI is a bit silly and so with that too. You can get into your loud motorcycle and when you step off you are three meters from an enemy who has not seen one yet so you have to hide one in the bush.

    Still, there are some that entice me to keep playing. For me, a group of three or four zombies is still dangerous, but I have encountered some "hordes" that can be a hundred, and so it is that you get quite nervous.
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    I'm glad I gave this game a chance after all the bad reviews on release. Absolutely, there are some bugs here and there. But nothing has ruined the experience. Nice environments, fun assignments and a really good story. Recommended!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Amazingly beautiful game! The story keeps the interest alive all the way and the game is a delight to the eye. What you have to bring is that the game itself does not really lift until after a few hours. It is the world's uphill in the beginning and at times it is a high degree of difficulty, but if you continue to lash their equipment and skills, the player is rewarded in a very nice way.

    One of the few negative things with Days Gone would be that the dialogue sometimes "floats" together. You can have an incoming call on the radio from a character you just talked to. Gets a bit ridiculous from time to time, but nothing that is a dealbreaker in any way.

    Overall a very good game! I want to move to Oregon now whether there are zombies or not.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    A good game, with an interesting story, big and cool world, to take on a "Horde" is probably the most fun of all, there is a lot and do. However, some can cook and be glitchy.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Sick good zombie game. The world is big, nasty and alive. You are never sure, right what it is when you go on the bike you will be sniffed by a mischievous one sitting high up in a tree. Wild animals can also attack from nowhere.

    The story is quite okay 10 hours into the campaign there are many weapons to find etc.

    The graphics are as good as horizon zero dawn, good of war etc.

    The only negative is on my ps4 slim that it can add a little when it gets as hectic and fps drops but it is usually quite stable the game has, as said, many zombie hords in a large open game world so i think ps4an can handle it brilliantly.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Have only played 4 hours of the game but my rating is 5/5 yet due to sickly neat graphics, exciting missions and well-made environments.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Have only played for around 2 hours but so far the game is really cruel and the graphics are good. Not RDR2 level but gives the game 8/10 right now.