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Samsung S24F350

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  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Really good monitor. Solid price, works well with both movies and games. One thing I recommend doing to change the HDMI Black Level to normal as this actually makes it look much better.

    The settings i used for this monitor are

    100 brightness
    44 contrast
    48 Sharpness

    Gamma:Mode 3

    And any extra stuff like Image enhance are disabled.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Bought this about a month ago, great quality except the stand isn't perfect.
    I personally use this for gaming, I play Overwatch, Rust, PUBG and Battlefield 4. Perfect for these games, great monitor, overclocked to 72hz.

    Great image quality
    Great build quality
    No tearing
    No bleeding

    Stand isnt perfect

    Would recommend buying for anyone who can not afford a 144hz monitor or just wants a great monitor at a great price.
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  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    In relation to its price, I can not afford this screen anything other than 10/10. I do not have any professional instruments to test the screen, but can rely on my subjective opinion after testing the screen on multiple screen calibration pages online. The assessment is overwhelmingly positive. :)

    The screen has no problem representing color and I'd guess it's able to reproduce 100% of the RGB scale, in the specification it's 72% NTSC, but then it's worth thinking that NTSC is a wider color space than RGB and 72% should represent 100% of the RGB scale. The reproduction is a canon, PLS is a kind of technology like IPS and it and does a cannon job at all viewing angles with the only shortcoming of backlighting technology, something I'll return to right away. I'm working on graphics daily and this screen really complies with my rather high demands on color rendering and is one of the many forces the S24F350FH shows up.

    Worth noting is that graphics cards are automatically set to "Limited RGB". change this to "Full RGB" to get a real boost in color rendering

    On these cheaper screens, the quality of the black usually depends on the backlight technology and the brightness you choose to have. This results in a whole black image having different values ​​depending on the position of the screen. If you're sitting in a dark room and manually set the display to 100% brightness, then ips-glow / clouding becomes a problem and you'll see gray areas both on the left and right side of an entire black image, if you look at the top of the screen On the left and right sides, the screen turns gray and not even in the vicinity of black. On the other hand, you should not have 100% brightness in a completely dark room, but 30-50% feels like a more reasonable option, while at the same time you are most in front of the screen and the black looks really good. Worth pointing out is that this is only visible in really dark situations and is not obvious when the screen is handling grayscale or color. In other words. In order to be made with IPS technology, the screen is doing well.

    Samsung has a "dynamic contrast" option that controls contrast and brightness depending on surrounding light as well as what the screen presents. I can feel that it's a creative alternative for those who can not deal with settings. If you're a bit nerdier, like me, you probably want more control. Often, dynamic contrast results in losing details in the brightest contrast range and the darkest shadows. To decrease the brightness to a level that fits surrounding light as well as "black-level" to "low" then black is really black. Playing Alien Isolation or Watching Night Scenes in Batman The Dark Knight, in other words, works exceptionally well. especially when sitting in front of the screen. Also positive for the screen is that the backlight is not pwm controlled until less than 30%, giving a completely flicker-free image in the other scope.

    Responsiveness and Ghosting
    Update: If you choose System> FreeSync and then "Ultimate Engine", the screen will overclock and can reach 72Hz even though this is not mentioned anywhere (!). Games lock at 72fps with vsync and without sticks, even the usual UFO ghosting test locks to 72Hz and delivers a very consistent experience. giant big plus for this budget screen. It may not be 144Hz, but 72Hz is good much better than 60. :) It also supports 50Hz for some old school PAL retro games via eg a raspberry pie. On the other hand, the screen does not support old 15KHz signals, In other words, there is no good match with eg. Amigans RGB> VGA output. then you can rely on upscalers like OSSC or Framemeister.

    The screen is sensually responsive. Unfortunately, I can not measure input layers, but I would say that it is at the level that there is a direct response from the mouse and what happens on the screen, especially when choosing "Response Time: Fastest". However, ghosting is visible to the naked eye in this mode, of which "Faster" I have only been able to perceive some form of ghosting through specific ghosting tests. In these tests, it was seen that faster "Response Time" meant more ghosting, on the other hand, I was extremely hard to see this when playing. That Samsung gives us users the option to regulate input teams in return against a rather insignificant ghosting, I think is incredibly nice feature especially for those who play competitive shooters. If you are looking for higher responsiveness than this screen offers, then I would like to have a 144Hz screen.

    The screen also has freesync as a bonus. Unfortunately, I have not been able to test this when I'm sitting on a nvidia graphics card. However, it would be suspicious that there is a canon for players on a budget on the graphics card that has difficulty pushing up the most demanding games in 1080p60fps. In such a scenario you can get a really good 40+ fps experience without the image cutting or jerking.

    The screen has really thin frames (about half of a normal size frame) and can be simply set apart from other screens without creating a large margin between the screen areas. The back is made of a ribbed plastic surface. I like this personally. Unlike high gloss or pretend aluminum, it leaves no fingerprints, which, on the other hand, can not be said for the remainder of the screen made of high gloss black plastic (let this material trap burn in hell soon) :). The day after I had packed up the screen, both the frame around the screen and the foot had sucked up a small rug of dust (and then it is still clean here at home). A problem for the perfectionist simply. :)

    The minimal foot causes the screen to twist when you hit the table and have no ability to raise or lower. On the other hand, the screen has a VESA mount which is a big plus for screens in this price range. In other words, you can use VESA support from an old favorite screen or buy new. (Ideal for those who want a tripod for 3 screens side by side) The inclusion rack does a good job to keep the screen "stand" but unfortunately not much more.

    You also get an external power adapter and I think this is a canon on such thin and small screens. The power cord from the screen is roughly thin and after purchasing a really thin and flexible hdmi cord, the cord tube becomes minimal and bulky.

    1x HDMI and 1xVGA are what are offered. I like that they offer VGA because of of backward compatibility. Modern TVs lack VGA, and so I would like to connect my dreamcast with VGA cable to this screen.

    However, there is neither speaker nor audio out. What could be a problem for those who want to use the screen to connect video game consoles via HDMI. This screen is thus best suited for computer and / or hardware with separate audio output.

    To summarize
    Great all-around screen, with great color space, good viewing angles, and a smooth, responsive and flicker-free image that in any case exceeded my reasonably high demands and expectations. Perfect for office use (minus 16: 9 format), hobby photographer or budget gamer. Lack of audio out can be a dealbreaker for some, the foot's static setting and unstable construction is not a cannon, but is defensible in terms of the price range. Even if I have a reasonably detailed complaint on the backlight, it's really no problem. This is only visible when viewing the screen in the seams under unusual scenarios where large, completely black surfaces are displayed (and even in this case, it is not very disturbing).

    I'm picky, but the screen makes me really happy. This is really a topscreen in its class. I went from a Samsung TN panel from 2009 and the difference is like night and day. Despite my high demands, I chose this cheap screen to wait the future and see what's happening with g-sync / freesync and 4K @ 120Hz. So far, there is no individual screen that bends out of all my needs. But this felt like an incredibly cheap and well-needed upgrade in anticipation of the future.

    + Great color space, ~ 98% of the RGB scale.
    + 178 degree viewing angle
    + 72Hz (it's nowhere but can be activated if you turn on freesync settings on the screen)
    + 50Hz Backward Compatibility to PAL (Moded Old-School Computers and Video Games)
    + Good black for his class
    + Incredibly low input layer
    + Flicker-free backlighting
    + Freesync
    + VESA bracket

    - No audio output
    - Unstable stand without adjustment possibilities
    - The backlight is not great for the sword at all viewing angles.
    - Only VGA cable included
    - Can not handle 15KHz signal (it does not make any screens nowadays)