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NZXT Grid+ V2

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  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Excellent piece of hardware, am very pleased with it. It's very low profile and can be attached almost anywhere within your chassis.
    The CAM software which is used to control and monitor your fans is constantly improving. I can create fan profiles for each individual fan, I can create a fully custom fan curve which allows me to completely turn off my fans at idle, and also comes with excellent built in fan modes.
    The software also monitors all aspects of your computer (CPU, GPU usage and temperatures. RAM, HDD and network usage). It also notifies you when your components are getting too hot.
    I would give this product full stars, but CAM is still a work in progress, even though it's excellent in its current state and is leaps and bounds ahead of what it was, it still needs a bit of work.
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  • Very good
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Works for its intended purpose. Seems like software (CAM) has finally become stable too. Recommended by me :)
  • Barely acceptable
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    bad software that lags and crashes without any real reason.
    The hardware feels very bad also, Micro-USB port came loose when I could connect it so I had to break up all over and put it back.
    Leaving aside these problems, it would be just fine.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Super satisfied!
    Now I control my six case fans just like that. You can choose to adjust the RPM (fan speed) based on the graphics card's temp or temp of the processor.
    You can select Celsius or Fahrenheit.
    There are 3 standard "modes". Performence: a little steeper curve to trigger the fan speed early, Silent mode: A little less steep curve that requires little work before the fans work harder and manual mode: You decide what is part fan performance to run all the time (40-100%).
    Then there is the Custom mode that I love, you get yourself blip in blips in a chart of Temp / RPM (40-100%). I want eg to the fans to go low revs under light load conditions such as when surfing etc, but I'm playing as the temperature rises above ca.50c I want the steep climb of the rpm curve, a bit of a hybrid of silent and performence.

    The software "Cam" is readily understood
    6x fan outlet
    The box is small and easy to hide.
    Follows some kind of Velcro tape foler mounting box.
    Overlay information during play: A text can be customized for example, color, position, size, and display power. It shows the data load and temperature of the processor and graphics card, FPS and memory (mm. If you want).
    Great for the money, explores man softwares, it has sucked out all necessary information about your computer that you will ever need and you may also see statistics that temp and belastining video card and processor, Ram load, Disk Usage, Internet usage (download / upload) and FPS. This info you get as a chart and can be examined in minute, hour, day or week.
    You can choose to read the min / max temp of the processor and graphics card.
    Is an associated app that I have not gone into detail yet, but the idea is that you can see the cam-information desk even in the app and also control the fans.
    Can see the total wattage of all fans or individually.
    App overview where you can monitor apps / programs running type taskmanager

    To consider:
    The fans can not be controlled to go below 40%.
    You can not control the fans individually (though it says it is going? I have anyway not seen it to go, but the reverse function is not important for me, however you can rename the fans and see everyone's rpm).
    There are alarms and notifications. Some standard and some you can tick yourself, as if the video card temp> 85c etc. I get an alarm at times that my cpu fan "lost connection and is no longer spinning, look for Malfunction". I check into the computer and it spins. Googled and more experience this. You can turn the alarm off. Think it might have to do with my cpu fan's rpm is exceptionally low.
    Tried and tested the app to control the computer's fans. It went, but with a delay, and sometimes did not go through all the changes. But I have to look into that bit more accurate, can of course be operated, too: P