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Benq GW2270H

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  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Very much screen for the money. Color, black and picture quality overall is probably the strongest point, where the screen performs better than expected in all categories, especially black. My screen overclocks with no problems to max 73 Hz in 1920x1080. I was in touch with Benq service and they helped me right away and switch my screen without asking any questions.
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    This perceived overall as a good screen. I can not speak about colors are reproduced exactly, etc. but my subjective opinion is that it looks good. I use it both to the computer and video game consoles. Briefly:

    + VA panel does very good black levels.
    + On my copy, there is no back-light bleed at all. Not even a little, it's absolutely perfect. This may of course vary from specimen to specimen.
    + Good design, to 99% just dull areas on the screen and frame. Subjectively, the design is tasteful.
    + Headphone output works great with audio from HDMI. No noise or the like, it sounds as good as plugging the computer directly.
    + If you use Flux will be like "low bluelight" feature. It's the same thing but in hardware, thereby functioning even if you connect a console. It can be turned off completely if you do not want it.

    +/- The stand is not so steady, but not directly bad. If you put a little power into the hands of the table wobbles a bit. Have seen better and worse screens before. VESA is if you want to change.
    +/- Viewing angles are quite OK. Seen from the front, it looks good, if you look from the side, the colors are brighter. Standard for being a VA panel.

    - The screen has two HDMI ports and a prehistoric VGA port. Obviously, they send when using a VGA cable. Thank you for accompanying electronic scrap BenQ ...
    - The headphone output is inaccessible enough at the back. I have simply solved with a short extension cord + volume control (so do not have to open the Volume menu, which takes a second or two).
    - The only really big weakness is that there is much lag regardless of the settings for the Overdrive. There are three settings. "off" is disastrous and make you look twice at "High" makes everything blurry lagging. The last setting "premium" reduces blurring something in exchange for very distinct shadows. I use my position "high" but good is not. I asked you a better TN screen of a laptop side by side, and the laptop was better, less blurred, less shadows.

    Conclusion: Very shield for money. For 1199 SEK, it is probably impossible to find a perfect screen and here you have to accept severely lagging in exchange for nice huh-panel-blacks, good image quality, quality construction and features low bluelight and HDMI audio.