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Samsung U28E590D

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  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    This is an INCREDIBLE monitor!
    Background: I've spent probably 6+ hours researching & looking at reviews of the various 4K monitors available, and after considering the ASUS PB287Q, Dell P2715Q and a couple of ultra-wide monitors I went for this one.

    We are using it for productivity & study, and wanted the 28" for larger screen real-estate and UHD resolution that gives a clarity similar to our retina Macbooks.

    - the resolution is beautiful, and is as good as a Retina Display.
    - Really attractive design!
    - Great value price - I purchased mine from Trademe for $550, so got a deal!
    - 4K is really great - You don't want 1080p on a 27"+ monitor because it gets pretty pixelated. 1440p is OK on 27", but for same price why not go 4K?

    - Stand is tillable, but isn't adjustable up & down like the Asus and Dell
    - If Dell P2715Q is a similar price (Here in NZ it isn't but in USA it is) buy that for the adjustable stand.
    - Very very quite high-pitched sound from power adapter when monitor on standby. Can't hear when off or actually using.
    - UPDATE: All still working good. Double check your computer can run this monitor - Almost all Macs older than 2013/2014 cannot run, even the new MacBook 12"!

    I strongly recommend reading Amazon reviews and watching Linus Tech Tips' review of the E590D, they provide GREAT deep reviews.

    Also, to get the full 4K resolution at 60hz, you will most likely need a display port cable. HDMI was only able to deliver 4K at 30hz for our Apple Mac. We purchased a MiniDisplay port to Display port cable that works great!

    Basically, JUST BUY IT! It way trumps the 1080p ultra-wides now available, and is honestly as affordable as most QHD 27" monitors!
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  • Very Poor
    11 months ago
    Extremely dissatisfied with the performance of this screen.
    Used it with my MacBook Pro and never got to the picture in any satisfactory way. The colors are completely wrong and slowed down. The only way to get reasonably ok picture is with some auto mode and it makes something extremely strange with video. FreeSync pulls down the refresh rate to 30 or 25hz for movie viewing. Talking about movie watching, because this screen lacks dhcp 2.2 so you can forget about 4k on Netflix etc ...

    Now ... there are better alternatives. Tex LG with IPS panel that costs a little less tillochmed.
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    If there is no expert on screens in any way but is very pleased with this screen after 1 month's use, it bought on sale for 3500kr.

    Affordable 4k screen that I use for gaming, everything flows really well and you notice a difference with Amd Freesync, never had any "tearing" with this screen that I used to get with my previous screen.
    Drive this along with Amd r9 290.

    + Affordable 4k screen for gaming
    + large
    + good colors and sharpness, good settings
    + good foot as it stands on
    + Amd Freesync with Display Port

    - not very good viewing angles
    - Can not be attached to the wall if anyone would like it.

    update: after 3 years, one was flawless but think you need a faster screen for gaming (switched to an acer predator 165hz)
    Otherwise nothing to complain about except for a banana fly inside the screen that could not be removed without having to open it. However, it saddled it to the block as it was.
    ScreenTearing happens extremely much if you do not use Freesync!
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Completely OK screen - 4K with Ubuntu only works with DisplayPort, has not tested it with Windows. (GPU = GTX 1060)

    Update: "Joystick" shutdown on the back has probably been resolved in other (simpler) ways.
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Works great as a productivity finder, incredibly nice to work in spreadsheets / encode in 4K. Bought it to ~ 2.4k, which is good value. Something worse color recovery than my regular 1080p screens, but no connoseuir did not bother me anything special.
  • Poor
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    A size (28 ") that I appreciate and is quite large on the desktop.

    However, this screen was lit by too poor color rendering. Also, the screen feels like something wrong and my ex is a bit oblique, leaning to the right.
    Also shows clear irregularities in brightness over the screen itself.
  • Decent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Run it now one day and you decide how big 4k is, for example, if you do not scratch the windows interface. Everything gets dirty and the surface is huge without scaling. 150% scaling feels very good.
    The detail thing is also striking and I can sit for hours and admire 4k videos.
    When I started the screen for the first time, however, I responded to the pale and dazzling contrast, but after a little popping in the settings, it now feels quite ok.

    I've just run the screen at 24 and 30Hz so far because I have not even got my new computer with graphics card that has a display port (required for UHD in 60Hz). I've played a bit but only in resolutions far below 4k and as said only in 30Hz. The little one I'm driving feels good. Flies on and has no remarks Reappear after I got a new computer so I can test play in 4k.

    Overall, get what you pay for, so everything is not tiptop, but it's a very good budget 4k screen for pixelgalna like me and who wants to drive UHD for a cheap money.
  • Acceptable
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    High-resolution screen, however, experienced screen plasticky and cheap. The screen menus are obsolete and hard to find. The price is one of the best for 4K monitors in 28-inch class, but it's worth adding a few bucks to get a more qualitative screen. The feeling of the product compared with a product from Anderson or Thomson and is not the standard you usually associate with Samsung.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Great screen. 4K and 28 inches works great with Windows 10 and scaling of 150%.

    Although this is a TN panet so I feel colors and betrakningsvinkar as very good. People had told me that this was an IPS screen had enough I thought they, anyway at first glance.

    Closing really drawback I see is that the stand is not possible to increase / decrease but it is obviously something you already know when buying.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    For the current price 3500: - it is much Monitor for money. Absolutely, this is a TN panel so expect nothing less than having to sit in front of the screen. When gambling is not as big a problem as when looking at still pictures or read on the Web, and moves his sitting position between modes.

    Do not know if there are different revisions, but this is clearly the best TN panel, I encountered the previous three I owned and 4k really means that the image is razor sharp.

    For 3500: - you will be pleasantly surprised by the sharpness and resolution screen provides. You will also react to it is a TN panel, but it definitely is one of the sharpest.

    Before the purchase I would say that your budget controls everything. Do you around 3500 - to spend as doing it on this, and in such case welcome to 4k world.

    Do you 8000 - or more in the budget as an IPS provide better image but with the same sharpness as this.
  • Barely acceptable
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Perhaps spoiled and maybe one should not compare a TN screen for 4300 kr but an IPS that cost 3 times as much but given what I read, I thought that newer TN screens would be better. Bought a cheap office screen to code so color reproduction is a bit crap the same and this was at the store. 28 ", however, enough to viewing angles to be a problem even if you're sitting right in front, especially vertically. White is hard to get white, but it is slightly yellowish. The screen is not uniform in color tone that differs from right to left.

    The conclusion is that it is suitable to code in (if you're a bit tolerant), but should be avoided at all other chores. In retrospect, I had paid a bit more and got an IPS or the like.

    + 28 "UHD for over 5 thousand
    + VESA
    + HDMI 2.0

    - Image Quality (good enough to encode on whether one is tolerant)
    - No USB hub.
    - A little unstable support that can not be adjusted up and down
    - Wires sticking straight out the back which inhibits the use of VESA

    Will return when I used it a little longer.