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Total War: Warhammer (PC)

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  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Very good game of CA. I can not for the Warhammer lore, but have no problem enjoying the game is fun.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Is this game worth a 10?

    I think so!

    Fantasy elements give Total War (TW continue) a variation for each race. The variation means unique models of the old men which gives a "cool as" armies. The teams played in a very individual way, which makes the campaign look extremely different each time you change teams. But even if you are running on the same team.

    For those of you who do not know the TW, the game has two strategic challenges. The first is the "map / world". This ensures that the economy works, build armies and even the population is happy. It also has policy commitments to its neighbors to eventually invade;)
    Armies moved by an "avatar" like Heroes 3. Clicking on the avatar sees what troops included in the army. When two armies clashing occurs next element.
    The game is loading up the troops and the environment you are on the map and you have Real Time Strategy. Armérna set up in the thousands, and it comes to outmanoeuvre your opponent.

    Fantasy Warhammer element that provides enables both of these parts are handled very individual for each team. It has unique troops with unique characteristics, etc.

    Are you unhappy with how something works, there are hundreds of "mods" (modifications) can be downloaded as fans of the game have created as they feel enhances the gaming experience. These mods makes the game adds another hour to lower the game.

    This is one of the few games I am looking forward to buy all the DLC available. Sure, now milk enough, CA (creators) as much money as they can. But the law they place will be completely unique. The game is planned to have three major expansions. Altogether, we see maybe 15 playable teams in the finished product. So this time, the DLC is not a minus, actually.

  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I love it. 80 hours I've played.
    Passed the Empire campaign on normal, Greenskins and dwarfs almost completed normal. Now chaos and vampyre counts remaining.

    I find it hard to get the good word to sum up the game when I am completely lyrical how fun this game is.
    The graphics are just fine although I can not handle max settings.
    Upgrade choices for your "legendary lord" is very fun and innovative, I feel that it is very thorough overall among all factions.
    And factions, yes, they are so different experiences with the various factions that I want to try more tactics and see which "units" that worked against which every time I drive a beat.
    But generally dwarfs defensive when they have a strong focus on killing the enemy at a distance, they are very rugged, too, rarely retreats.
    Greenskins include goblins, orcs, blackorcs, wolf, spiders, giant spider and a giant that can strike fear in the enemy.
    The game contains a lot of morals.
    Speaking of horror, vampyre counts spreads just that. Zombies, skeleton warriors, bats, dragons. The list is endless type at all different units it has available and more coming! This fraction hone in most of going right on with flanking fast furry things. The vampires spread their vampyric corruption to spread their civilization. This brings me on to:
    Chaos, who spread terror in order to create chaos among its enemies. Chaos not build cities, rather than build camps and buildings developed thereby
    And so the empire that I think has the broadest offering of units (also thanks to the mod) is also the funniest fraction so far and also the most challenging. I suspect that chaos will be chaos and I will also try Empire Hard to see what happens.
    Empire has been heavily entrances and also own them good support from a distance with the crossbow men and musketeers. They also have wonderful Cavalry and the tough things that you can flank the resistance lightweight, incredibly durable cavalry that gives value for money as they cost.
    To then play with your legendary lord who can put on a big bird that can fly on the battlefield makes the experience not worse. Then there is also cruel artillery and even a tank that can fire a blast and kept in close combat.
    Wow what I look forward to a sequel already, have not you checked out the mods do so. Are incredibly good ones, mention a few:
    # You're can go 10% further in your own provinces
    # You're receiving a skill point to at every level up
    # You're can have multiple units of choose from
    # You're can zoom out more and less with the camera
    #dina towns may walls

    Would also write about the construction in the cities, it is adapted so that your small cities can reach max level 3 and your capital level 5 or 6. Take advantage of this to have high-level buildings in your capital and another in the rest.
    With that said, I hope you feel that you got a glimpse of what the game means little, it is quite amazing strategically.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Awesome game! I have not driven the other Total War games so I was worried that it might be difficult to enter, but it was a cinch. It was easy to learn because of good tutorial at the beginning. A big plus is that it is the courage friendly too (Steam Workshop).
    Buy if you are Total War fan, or if you are Warhammer fan, you will surely like it.