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Overwatch (PC)

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  • Good
    27 days ago
    Updated: 26 days ago
    Buy the game if you just want to play casual. If you are going to play comp, find another game. This game has had a bad comp matchmaking since the game was made (2016) and it changed a lot this year, but basically it's the same old comp. You have to wait in a queue for up to 10 minutes to join a match that ends with a loss. You have to wear the comp simply to get ahead in the game if you are to run ranked.

    + Many who play
    + Easy to find friends
    + The game creators listen to the players but it takes a long time to change something
    + Blizzard is a game maker that listens to players
    + Challenging

    - It would take days for me to write about all the problems the game has. Many heroes are unbalanced and if you make a combo with them they become unstoppable.
    - Long waiting time
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Very happy so far.
    Feels like a well thought out games and even nice to each round goes so quickly anyway.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    This is gonna be great.

    I have played the beta up to the last version before the game was shut down for a release that will be the 23rd of May

    Incredibly geomtänkt FPS games.

    Like the e.g. League of Legends has all the characters their own abilities, including an Ultimate that makes this game not only based on quick reflexes, but also some teams strategy.

    The only thing they may lack is a little rougher graphics and larger courses, but I have to say that only had time to try out the beta so the latter might come.

    No stupid monthly fee á la Blizzard either, it's a plus.