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Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100 III

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  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Have had mine for three years.

    Best camera for dummies, or lazy people who do not want to learn yours or the date. Will probably buy the same when my breakdown. Had a camera camera that I did not hurry on or permanently switch lens.

    Taking pictures of auto in light and dark. More bright in picture than in reality when it was dark! I guess it takes several pictures with different settings and puzzles it auto-mechanically into one, because it sounds like it's shooting 4-5 times as soon as it's a bit dark. Completely auto (if I have not preset anything)! Then there are settings for different applications, for example, for scenery if the camera seems to want to capture the spot on the box in the bus.

    Takes many selfies with the help of the rotatable screen. Easily targets both subjects and faces.
  • Good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    + It takes good pictures
    + Light lens and takes Fairly good pictures indoors

    - I think it is a bit heavy - it feels clearly when it is in your pocket
    - No longer the zoom

    I want an everyday camera that I can take in the pocket that could take ok pictures indoors. This Sony takes very nice pictures - but I think that is a bit heavy and lacks decent zoom. (I also have a (cheap) Lumix with 60x zoom and become spoiled).

    I dropped it into the ground from about 1 meter (with protective case), and then broke down (the lens was constantly in and out) - certainly on the stone floor - but still - it should not pass one (1) bang? It cost me SEK 3,000 in repairs.

    My next day the camera will not be a Sony RXIII but will be cheaper, weigh less, have better zoom - but probably slightly inferior image quality. One can notoriously not have everything in life - at least not for 6000 kr :)
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Incredibly nice camera in both optics and construction.
    Can easily compete with semipro SLR without snack.
    given purchases
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    I wrote my review in English, sorry that I can not be bothered to translate it. :)

    Compared and read reviews for ages before I Decided to buy this camera. Amongst others, the only true competition was the A6000 mostly ITS bigger the sensor, but for me, it lost in portability, cost and size with quality lenses.
    The RX100M3 does very much and does it well. Actually, at times there are too many options, but if you're a novice, setting it to auto will save the day. Should you go for more flexibility, the functions are there to give you even Greater results. The ability to change many settings through the menu function is a blessing, as the camera does not have space for many buttons, And they are small. Coming from a digital SLR, I find myself looking in the menus for some settings, as I'm out of Easily accessible buttons / places for them. This does make the camera a bit frustrating to use at times. Luckily, where you leave the menu is where you enter it again. Dedicated function wheel is perfect, switching between A and S mode, retainging the settings for each, getting the shooting type you want quickly. Three custom settings are good to have, but not so easy to remember Which is Which for truly quick access. Versatility is good though.
    You also have the selfie screen and the pop-up viewfinder. Impressively enough, I have not needed the viewfinder even in the harshest sunlight, as the screen is very good indeed, but it's a good thing to have in any case.
    At times, the chroma noise can be very high Already at modest ISO, but then it can produce awesome results at high ISO, not sure why. Flash is a bounce Able, a must I think. Files are huge, 10-16MB.
    Battery life is not that good, Strange That the view finder uses more power than the rear screen, though the screen is always active, even if you "turn it off" via a button. This HAS not been fixed and probably never will be. Neither will the resetting of file numbering for movie clips after formatting the card (for stills, numbering ice Retained).
    The play apps are cumbersome to download, and not so well Implemented, but it's ok. A definite must is the Smart Remote Control, Works Great For Those special selfies from a distance. NFC can be a bit slow to connect, but starts the app you want on Both phone and camera.
    Charging via USB is not that good, as it's very Time Consuming and the camera can not be used, but using a higher spec Sony Xperia charger shortens That time sometime.

    All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase, and feel that I've got good value for my money, loving it more every day.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Have soon had this for two weeks. Bought it because sometimes I can not be bothered to carry around camera system. It's very easy to pick with him.

    + High quality, really well built.
    + Takes very good pictures and detail, even at high ISO values.
    + Like the viewfinder and the resolution of it.
    + Many manual settings.
    + The screen swivels, even for selfies for those who think it's fun!
    + Video feature, good quality and that the autofocus works really well.
    (If you want to film with XAVC S, acquiring an SDXC card)
    + Wi-Fi function, one can, for example, to connect their smartphone where you can adjust the time using the phone such as zoom and where you want the focus.
    + Is apps to download to the camera, have not tried a few (some costs).