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Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100 II

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  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Excellent camera which now additionally is very good in price. Takes really nice pictures in a compact package that is extremely high quality. Can only recommend this.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Has now had it since Christmas 2014, and can only say it was a great köp.Tar very good pictures, has advanced features but is one easy to use .It is blah Wi-Fi and NFC refueled just above some pictures to mobilen.Har had it with Majorca and Corfu and it makes me not besviken.Sony become dangerous in framtiden.jag running Nikon D750 in the system otherwise.
  • Excellent
    5 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Do everything you can imagine a compact camera might have plus a whole lot more.

    The only downside is that I see the weight, it weighs quite a lot more than what the M1 is doing and it is also slightly larger than M1.

    Planning, however, the film with the camera, there is no doubt that it is the M2 to wear. Angled display makes a difference and it supports some more features for filming.

    To transfer everything to the computer via WiFi is really smooth.

    However, I had wished that it had been able to connect the mobile and camera, simpler way than the NFC that does not work with Sony's original case. Instead, you must enter the password and stuff when to connect them together which is not very smooth.

    I have compared RX100M1 and RX100M2 side by side and the M1 is clearly a smoother camera, it is slightly smaller and weighs a lot less. But should you shoot with the camera so the choice is quite simple.

    Sold my Canon HF200 (new price 8000 SEK for a couple of years ago) video camera and replaced it with RX100M2 which actually provides better picture indoors than HF200 managed.

    Update 20150706 - The camera is really good, very happy with it still, has not had a camera that keeps the battery as long as this does! The only thing I can really complain about is that the transfer via Wifi is very unstable, often unlocks itself resulting in that you get to take to the cord.
  • Barely acceptable
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    I have had my RX100 M2 in one year but already after few months it began to occasionally freeze after taking short, after 10 months was the backlash in the display who died when angled out.

    The quality does not correspond to the price level and I've seen on various photo forums to problems with the RX100 and RX100 M2 is not uncommon.

    If for a moment ignore the quality problems will take the cruel cards but at a cool price.

    Today I would consider a Canon S120 which is a neater camera for just under 3000 - and it takes really good cards but is not quite up to Sonyn. I have the older Canon S100 and it is a really good camera for its size and detail that is clearly better at S100 is the control ring with its tiny clicks step, clearly easier to handle than Sony's sluggish without clicks step.

    But it's just best photo quality as it is Sonyn that apply and then hopefully without any quality problems.

    Had it not been for quality problems, I would have given it 8 out of 10 with a score goes away because control ring, and one point to the lack 24mm wide-angle and that something big for my pocket taste.

    DP Review has made a good summary on the compact high end segment.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    What more could you expect from a compact camera? Tom an SLR, you must be able to handle very well to get to this good pictures. Its ISO capability (almost noise-free up to 3200) allow you to use faster shutter speeds and get to decent night images even of moving objects.
    Expands to the shutter speed you can with pretty low ISO getting dark images that take your breath away. What resolution - but you have to have a good screen to see it.
    Good movie also sound great, unlike many other compacts. However, only used to mp4 (option is AVCHD, which is a little hard to handle).
    So even if it is expensive, yet affordable.
  • Excellent
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    (Adjusted text from my review for DSC-RX100, a camera that is almost identical to the new model. Note that I also own the DSC-RX100 II and thus has been able to compare them side by side).

    Sony DSC-RX100 II is the absolute best compact camera today. At least if you only look at the picture quality that the camera produces. The large camera sensor really does an excellent job of keeping the noise level down even if it screws up the ISO setting a little and even if you go above ISO 800 so retained many details that other cameras had basically smeared out into a mess.

    Anyone who wants to get better image quality with less noise from ISO 1600 can easily scale down the resolution from 20.1 megapixels for example 17, 13 or 10 megapixels and still get really good picture. Note that this is after all not an SLR and with good optics can also be the cheaper options from eg Nikon, Canon or Sony give greater opportunities. But that's not what Sony is trying to compete with here.

    Sony RX100 II is designed to provide great image quality directly from a compact camera, a camera that is easier to take than an SLR. Just to add into the pocket or belt and where the camera system is not welcome may RX100 II: an easy to slip on. Enough talk, here are some points that show what I think about the camera after closer 800-1000 captured images.

    + Provides the best image quality for its size class (compact camera)
    + Excellent noise reduction up to ISO 1600, slightly better than the old model
    + Flash can be angled up to be bounced in the ceiling (softer light than direct on)
    + Build quality is top notch with good material
    + Carl Zeiss optics that provides sharp image (center of picture) also from f / 2
    + Aperture to f/1.8 at wide angle is awesome welcome in the class
    + Shutter lag is hardly notice
    + Autofocus is really good in well-lit environments

    - Something slippery body which makes it easy to lose
    - The flash is a bit silly so you can happily put my finger on it
    - The optics are sharp in the center but drops rapidly at the edges
    - The battery cover on the bottom is easy to open accidentally
    - The battery must be charged in the camera, which is completely indefensible bad
    - Does not turn on a filter (which in and of itself is not so serious anyway)
    - Manual focus is almost impossible as the "ring" must be spun sharply very
    - The focus ring is sluggish and without feeling
    - Extreme distortion in wide-angle mode that requires quality destructive correction
    - Poor compatibility with external microphone ECM XYST1M when the noise level is far too high

    . Noticeably "clumsier" than the DSC-RX100
    . 250-300 photos on a battery approved
    . Handledsstrappen is acceptable but should have been any better
    . Aperture f/4.9 in telephoto mode is fine for this camera
    . Acceptable load for the flash, but no more than that
    . Panorama Mode is certainly good for a few enthusiasts and easy to use
  • Excellent
    6 years ago
    Updated: 6 years ago
    Very satisfied o pictures makes me think I'm a much better photographer than the amateur I am :)
    Wifi is estimated among all familiar where you can easily send pictures to others, too bad that it requires an app but it is easy to handle.

    Highly recommended if you are in the choice to choose between this o an unwieldy SLR.
    Small o smooth but very strong o powerful camera in a small package.
  • Perfect
    6 years ago
    Updated: 6 years ago
    incomparable good at everything!
  • Excellent
    6 years ago
    Updated: 6 years ago
    Very good camera. Large sensor makes the spot in poor light conditions. One can additionally bounce flash upwards with your finger if you want to.

    Highly recommended, although I am Nikon and Canon guy basically.

    Put up a small zoom test on the tube: