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Philips 203V5LSB26

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  • Very Poor
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Got this on sale for about $115 at PB tech. After using it for several months I'm sorry to say this isn't a very good monitor for the following reasons:
    1) Brightness and Contrast- It's always either too bright or too dark, I'm constantly having to change the brightness and contrast to make it work for whatever I'm doing. A large part of the reason is the poor viewing angle and edges so for example, if I change the brightness to make the centre of the monitor acceptable, then the edges where the Windows Taskbar become too bright. If I move the screen, there is a strong reflective glare that makes the sides and top and bottom of the screen hard to see.
    2) Yellow tint- Like many cheaper LED monitors, this one seems to have a yellowish tint to the monitor. It was quite noticeable when I first got it when compared to my old LCD monitor. I've sort of gotten used to it but certain colours still make it notice it.
    3) Smart contrast causes flickering- Whenever I'm watching the news, playing games or movies full screen especially when there's a shift from a bright scene to a very dark scene or when there's a lot of action the smart contrast actually causes the monitor to 'flicker' bright and dark as it tries to decide what settings to use. This flickering is extremely distracting and very noticeable. This also causes a very obvious 'bleaching' effect on screen for at least half a second.

    There does not seem to be any way of switching this off.

    Unfortunately, the entire experience with my first Philips monitor has been irritiating and frustrating. I've taken it back to the retailer I bought it from but of course, this isn't an issue they can refund on something like 'user experience' because the monitor works fine. I appreciate it is a budget model but the I'd like to at least be able to read documents or watch a Youtube video without having to constantly fiddle around with the brightness and contrast when switching activities or having a 'bleaching effect' appear when I start a movie.

    Right now 14/11/2014, I've contacted Philips directly and am hoping that they will agree to take it back.

    This retails normally for around $150 with occasional discounts but its a waste of money in my opinion. You're better off just spending $50 more and getting a decent office/work monitor that won't burn your eyeballs out in brightness and allow you to actually work.

    Update: 28/11/2014, Philips has agreed to take it back which is good so good customer service there.