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Rocksmith 2014 Edition (PC)

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  • Good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Have never played guitar before so I took the chance to try this way of learning.
    Can not compare how easy / difficult this way is in relation to learning to self or to take the course but I can say that it is actually fun. I'm getting better and better every time I play (have had it for over a week) and that's enough jewelery thanks to the "game" / training tool dynamically adapts all the time while playing.
    If I get lost and miss a bunch of notes to pop everything into a difficulty until I get in line again and just jump it up a difficulty level if I manage to put some notes in a row.
    This means that you do not feel any great frustration that they can not keep up and keep getting a challenge ...

    There are oxå a variety of "arcade" that you control with the help of turning on the right string, take the right chord, play high / low, etc. ... These seem a little cheesy at first glance but it releases quickly and turns into a pretty fun way to learn the basic skills ...

    The only thing I have that negative part is the prices for the DLC that is ridiculous!
    25-30 :-/ let let or dog ring for a pack of 5!?!?

    This is why I only give it a 7 (know that DLC: n is not what I rate the here but it is after all a feature of the game)
    Otherwise I would have given it a 9 and I still can not really recommend Rocksmith 2014 to anyone who wants to learn to play guitar ...