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Dragon Age: Inquisition (PC)

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  • Poor
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Feels like a bad MMO with personlighetsklyvningar. There are no more dragon age than The Witcher and skyrim. I guess the fans got game spouses to make a new skyrim / witcher, because I do not recognize anything from Dragon Age in this game! Terribly disappointed, not only that it is nerdummat to consoles, now has also open-world, which means that the flow origins had = 0. Just a bunch of pointless running and killing are just wasting your time! The killing is hugely disappointing, just spamming the buttons until all die, there are no tactic anywhere! To go out and chop wood is more fun than fighting in this game! How can people think this is funny? You get maybe 100 hours of playing time, but my god, it just has to be worth the money! Jippie! Just the fact that 70 of those hours is to run from a to b ... If you're looking for a game with interesting action and flow so you can forget about this game! It is a simulator or sandbox where adult (?) People can run around and play in ....
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Super fantasy. Almost as good as the first.
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Have you played Dragon Age Origins and stuck for the great game and story, then drove Dragon Age 2 and only one was disappointed? Or do you like role play?

    If you sat and thought about Dragon Age Inquisition, I say: Get it.

    Have played the game for 40 hours o I think I'm not even halfway. For me it's a crazy good grades. The game allows you to go in completely own pace, exploring the elaborate areas with a lot of the lore behind them.
    So if you are a player who enjoys all or a player who is bluntly that fits this game is excellent.

    Dragon Age Inquisition is built so that you can basically play as you want and they have really improved on from Dragon Age 2. The story is intriguing (although I displaces it for all the side quests), but also all the side missions are rewarding.

    Whatever you do in the game: Collects resources, talk to people, doing side quests and main quests, they have managed to construct the engine so that everything is rewarding. When one begins to play, there is no end to gambling, empires are filled with small surprises and interesting story.

    However, there are a few things that pulls down the score a bit:
    - It is EXTREMELY console adapted. You notice it as PC players to the email not easy to play with mouse o Keyboard forever.
    - There are some bugs that are not e fixed.
    - The map is unfortunately very unclear with how to get around, what paths you can go on and so on. This makes them some problems finding some stuff because you do not know whether to up or down when trying to find some things, let alone how to get to them. A more detailed / clear map had simplified extremely much.
    - The AI ​​for one's companion is sick simple. DA1 had little finesse behind it but have they taken away which makes me email not always completely satisfied with how my companions fight and behave.
    - The game is a little sluggish started with both the story and the fighter. It takes a while before you discover that your qualities damage as early fights are a bit repetitive o boring but it will be much better in the middle o the end of the game and the story takes.

    Torts this will still end the game on a 8/10. The email is not quite perfect but almost upon, whether it be updated a little more so it might be a 10/10. But it was so worth DLCn which they released I thought it was worth getting. Then drive on!

    Saw a post about auto attack (update):
    There is no auto attack or free camera so you have to actively use the mouse o mouse buttons. For me the feeling, albeit a bit dicey, for others it might badly. But there is more matter of taste
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Very nice graphics compared to the previous DAO and DA2, unlike others who whines over the controls of the PC version so I had no problem, took some time to get used to but absolutely nothing to snag on. It is different from the previous games in the series is how open and free man can move in the areas you visit, for better or worse, I both like it and sometimes gets a little annoyed when it takes a little prolonging the time to find its way to where I want.

    I miss however more interesting companion. The previously so entertaining "banter" between the companions are in the Inquisition very denial. In DAO happened that sometimes I laughed out loud and sat and enjoyed the drama that could unfold between the companions during the missions, it does not happen here. The scripted elements are very stylish and entertaining, as always when it comes to Bioware so roestskadespelarna very good.

    The style game feels pretty similar to DA2 but without automation, the so-called tactical situation does not feel like it adds something. It works in atleast not at all like it did in DAO,

    Dragon Age: Inquisition is good but will not be the same classics like DAO.
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Substantial difference in terms of ambition compared to Dragon Age 2. Great Satan with lots of Quest's doing. Clocked up 70 hours of playing time on Nightmare before I was done ..
    Heard some complaints about how the PC version control, it plays like an MMO solid single-player. Having no auto-attack took good bit of time to get used to but is a brutally trivial thing to rubbish the whole game IMO - you get used to it pretty quickly and works perfectly ok when you have familiarized himself.

    As for the game itself, it is as I said cruelly big in every way. There are lots of different places to visit that are awesome detail. Although there are only three different classes, they can, just like in Origins, played in several different ways. Warrior can use 1h / shield or 2h, rogues arc or knives and mages with lots of different spells. Quests, there are also a lot of. Unfortunately, most are not particularly significant and feels like doing much again and again, even if it is not necessarily boring works the unique story-related quests best. And If you like to read, there are basically written material to fill books with the game.

    This is definitely more of an action-RPG attractive game than the tactical husband got from one. Top viewn is still there but is basically useless except to quickly pause the game to give your associates any important instruction that they do not understand myself. This particular part, it feels like they could work much more with. However, it is well that this would only work well for PC so they decided to skip to spend time on it. However, the consequence that show clashes with enemies feels unnecessarily difficult because the AI ??does not really hang out with and the game loses a large part of its flow in case you have to control all the companions all the time.

    The actual story is well little as Origins (according to me, anyway), which as a whole is not particularly unique or unpredictable, the bad guy want's power, demon invasion type ... However, as in Origins is the characters, their dialogues and stories that make the narrative part of the game worthy. Would say that I preferred Morrigan and Alistair from Origins but there are still a few really fun characters to follow. Some characters will return even from the first and second game for a bit of nostalgia feeling.

    Basically the game is a maffigare version of one - not necessarily better but it still feels like they put a lot of time to get the feeling of a true "epic" game and think they mostly have done very well.
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    I have longed for a game that has open world as Skyrim and combat system that Dragon Age. This is the closest so far and overall it is a very entertaining game. Very stylish graphics on WHQD resolution and ultra / high settings!

    On the minus side is that most mentioned verify that actually feels clearly worse than before the Ports of DA 1-2. How did it really? This pulls off ** from an otherwise superb game.
  • Acceptable
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Have played all Bioware titles since Baldur's Gate and frankly I do not know what this is all about, it's an MMO, Action or Tactical Combat game, I do not know and I do not think Bioware knows either. In summary, it falls short of what it is trying to achieve, which is really a shame given Bioware resume.

    + Graphics
    Selection + Elementary

    - Battle System
    - Camera
    - Control
  • Excellent
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Really good game. The controls are only a little unfamiliar at first, but you get used to fast if you have any adaptability.

    Really large worlds with a lot of content, the same old BIowarestil with relationships and conversations and really good story in which you are a part out of the Inquisition and should defy the difficulties that emerged during the civil war between mages and templars and create a united front against the demons that forserar portals laid in the world.
  • Very Poor
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Well .. wasted money on PC games .. Would bought the PS4 ..
    Because of the controls is completely idiotic.

    Loot, must go ahead and take it. Do not be like DAO, click once, then auto.

    The same applies attack, must hold down R or mouse button ... No auto attack.

    When you go to the tactic mode, I thought you could give orders to attack the enemy, they attack it to the death. But no, the AI ??does what it wants.

    The controls for PC is AWFUL!

    Will try to get your money back! And acquire the PS4 instead .. TRAGIC

    Raises a star because I got my money back .. Will "download" home later instead. Bloody rubbish
  • Very Poor
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    I've only played about 30 minutes, it was enough ...
    Must hold the right mouse button free camera. You also can not turn off. Why ?!
    I was not a good first impression of this game.
    Do not to continue playing it.

    -Bristande Checks and adjustments