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Røde NT1-A

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  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    The best condenser microphone in ever used.
  • Very Poor
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    sound choppy at times of higher highs
  • Perfect
    7 years ago
    Updated: 7 years ago
    Top-notch on the noise level. I first bought a cheap Supreme CU-1 condenser mic and thought the noise I heard was due to the mike. So I bought this. But it was mostly just fans in the various computers that were buzzing. So now I have two good microphones. Tips also check on the Supreme MSP32 acoustic dampers. Good accessories home studio with this mic for voice.
  • Excellent
    10 years ago
    Updated: 10 years ago
    Absolutely incredible mic, at the studio recording with the band hit it out all the pickups in the sound check except for one, many of these pickups for 10-20'000, with an impressed studio technician as a result. Was not this in the end though. A mic, the brand I now forget, won by a small margin, the price was 10 times that much anyway.
    What I got out of this was that I have a very competent hemstudiomick, perfect at promoinspelning and the like, if necessary. will be the next album recorded with this?
  • Perfect
    11 years ago
    Updated: 11 years ago
    Mine is the old model and it is the coolest mic in that price range.