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Choosing the right school bag

With just a few weeks left to the start of the new school year, it's time to plan the shopping. There is a lot to be prepared and with some planning it’s easier to avoid mistakes. Choosing the right school bag, for example can be difficult, so we have gathered some tips that may be worth noting before shopping for your children.

There are many children who want shoulder bags. The disadvantage of a shoulder bag is that the body is easily exposed to unilateral strain, since the majority wearing a shoulder bag tend to wear it only on one side of the body. This is not good for children who grow, being exposed to such uneven stress. Because of this, it is better to choose a backpack where the weight can be distributed evenly.
It’s also important to try to think about what should fit into the bag. Is it just schoolbooks and pencils, or even sports clothes and a towel? Try to choose a bag that is large enough, but not too big. An unnecessarily big bag risks being too heavy as there is room for more things. One tip is to choose a smaller backpack and then also get a sports bag where all the extra packing can fit.

On PriceSpy we help you choose the right backpack. In our buying guide, you can customise your search according to your preferences, and options that you can filter include price, size and colour. Popular models right now are Targus Terra 16" and bags from Everki.

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Emma Cedell

Translated by Åsa Sondén Cook

Foto: / monkeybusinessimages 

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