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Optimise your student budget from the start

Starting school after a long summer off can be tough economically. A lot of shopping needs to be done, but it doesn’t have to be too expensive. You can save many pennies by comparing prices at PriceSpy and the price difference between shops can be quite big.

A laptop is a great resource during lectures and school work at universities. It can be very helpful to use your computer when commuting, and getting to choose where you want to study.

Buying a laptop at the start of the school year is one of the bigger expenses, and it is a good idea to really check out the different shops to find the best price. At Pricespy, you can compare prices on over 1200 laptops from manufacturers such as Apple, Asus, HP and many others. Remember to chose a model with the screen size, weight and performance you think will suit you best.

Having a bag where your computer, textbooks and notepads all fit is handy when the days at school are long. A backpack, specifically one where your laptop is protected in a separate compartment, is a great choice. Just make sure your laptop fits in the compartment!

A less fun, but incredibly useful, purchase is a good calculator. If you’re studying something involving advanced mathematics, choosing the right graph calculator is important since it will help and ease advanced calculations.

Emma Cedell

Translated by Åsa Sondén Cook

Foto: / undrey

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