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Why should my shop be listed on PriceSpy?

PriceSpy is a comparison site where thousands of consumers in New Zealand every week go to plan a purchase and to find a product at a competitive price. More facts about PriceSpy can be found here.

Do I have to pay to join?

Our aim is to provide a complete, independent and impartial price and product comparison service, which covers all online shops that sell products within the categories that we list. In other words, if you do not have a large advertising budget your prices can be listed anyway. However, if you have the opportunity to pay, we offer you extra advantages. Read more about these here.

Which shops may get listed on PriceSpy?

New Zealand requirements for stores:

To appear in our standard listing, the online store must:

  • be operated by a business,
  • accept orders through the website or by e-mail,
  • target consumers in New Zealand,
  • follow New Zealand consumer laws,
  • be responsible for any import of goods as well as all fees and taxes in connection therewith,
  • not misuse PriceSpy’s method to sort and display price information.

What is needed to get listed?

The only thing needed is a product feed which is kept updated. The feed is preferably placed on your server and we will automatically retreive the information to our system.

Several of the companies for ecommerce solutions offer product feeds for PriceSpy.

If it is not possible to provide us with a product feed, we can probably retrieve the prices anyway.

Our goal is to list as many prices as possible from the shop.

What is a product feed?

Most business software can export a product feed with prices, to some type of text file.

Preferably it is a script that dynamically retrieves information directly from your database. If the file is static, you must keep it updated as visitors may get upset if they find that the price on your website does not match the price on PriceSpy. Are you unsure of any of this, feel free to contact us and we will help you.

If you already are listed on any other price comparison site and has developed a product feed for that purpose, we can probably use the same feed.

The product feed can be a plain tab-separated text file. We have no requirement for complex XML standards to be followed - actually we prefer clean simple text files.

Furthermore, we want the product feed to contain the entire shop's catalog.

The information required for each product in the product feed is:

  • Product name (your own description)
  • Your product ID (or other unique ID)
  • Manufacturer
  • Category
  • Price (including or excluding GST, tell us which)

We also encourage you, if possible, to include the following:

  • URL to your product page
  • Shipping cost or price including shipping
  • Stock Status (preferably numbered)
  • Manufacturer's SKU
  • Bar code number
  • URL to a large product image (without watermark)
The entire agreement can be viewed here:


An example of a (semicolon separated) product feed can be found here. You can use this as a template if you wish, but there are no requirements that you use the same order and names of the columns as in this feed. Contact Us if you have questions.


For users of osCommerce, we have a ready-made script, which can be downloaded here. Unpack and install the script in the root of the osCommerce's directory on your webserver, and then contact us.

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