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Privacy policy

We value your personal integrity. Therefore, we work systematically to ensure that your personal data is handled in the the most secure way. In our privacy policy we explain what information we collect from our users, how we handle it, and what we do to protect the integrity of our users. Vi encourage you to read this policy before you use our services.

Our privacy policy in brief

We handle the following personal data:

  • Information that you provide us with via, for example, forms
  • Technical information about your device
  • How you navigate
  • Your position (based on either an IP address or a GPS signal)
  • Relevant cookies
  • Information from our partners, customers, advertisers and suppliers

We need personal data to:

  • Run our services
  • Manage support issues and fix errors
  • Provide personalised ads, offers, and recommendations
  • Send information to you
  • Further develop our, and other, Schibsted services
  • Prevent, limit, and investigate abuse

We never sell your personal data. We share them with other Schibsted companies, and sometimes with other partners. We always sign agreements to ensure that your personal data stays safe.


This privacy policy applies to the handling of personal data that takes place within the framework of PriceSpy, that is, when you use the service PriceSpy at and in related digital applications ("the Services"). The service is provided by PriceSpy Media Ltd, with organisation number 2194580 ("PriceSpy""we" or "us").

Key concepts

Personal data means information which can directly or indirectly be linked to a living natural person. Examples of personal data include name, address, phone number, and email address. Under certain circumstances, information about IP addresses and your user behaviour when using the Services may also constitute personal data.

Processing of personal data covers all use of personal data, such as collection, exchange and storage.

Controller of personal data means the party which, alone or together with another party, decides on the purposes and means for the processing of the personal data and who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the processing takes place in accordance with applicable personal data legislation.

What information we collect

To give you an overview of how the processing of data is carried out, we have divided the personal data into two categories based on how it is collected.

a) Data that you give us yourself

When you use and carry out activities within the framework of the Services, you actively provide information about yourself. This information includes for example name, address, phone number, and email address. Personal data in this category are such that you give to us by completing a web form, sending notices to support, or providing us with feedback through functions created for such purpose.

b) Data collected when you use the Services

When you use the Services, we collect information about your use. This information includes which Services you use, the websites you visit, and how you behave on websites related to the Services. The information can be divided into the following categories:

i. Technical information about your device and internet connection
We use server logs and other tools to register information about your device, connection to our services, and cross-device usage. This information may include operating system, web browser version, IP addresses, cookies, and various unique identifiers.

ii. Information about the use of the Services; user behaviour
We register purchases of goods and services within the framework of the Services. We store information about your visits to websites where the Services are provided, and your behaviour when you use the Services. This behaviour may include how you scroll and navigate a website.

iii. Location information
When you use the Services, we calculate an approximate geographic location based on the IP address you use. If you have accepted location services on your device, we will regularly collect more detailed information about your geographic location. Location information is used to enable us to provide you with content and advertisements that is relevant to you based on your geographic location. The information may also be used to develop new products and services to provide you with customised content, such as articles and advertising relevant to you. If you no longer want us to be able to collect detailed information about your geographic location, you can at any time disable location services on your phone or device. In such cases, we will only calculate an approximate geographic location based on your IP address.

iv. Cookies and other technologies that store data locally on your device
When you visit websites where the Services are provided, we – either directly or through third parties – use various technologies to recognise and learn about you as a user. For more information about this type of technology, see below under "Use of cookies and other technology".

c) Data from other sources

PriceSpy may also receive information from other sources, most typically from our partners, customers, advertisers and suppliers. For example, an advertiser can provide us with information about what happened after you clicked on a product displayed on our websites, while suppliers of profiling information can provide us with probability-based information about your demographic profile (such as your level of education or the size of your household). This information enables us to provide your with more relevant advertisements and content in the future.

Why we process and share your information

We process and share your personal data with other companies, primarily companies within the Schibsted Media Group, for the purposes of (i) performing our contractual obligations and the obligations set forth by applicable law and regulatory authorities; (ii) providing the Services to you and improving your user experience; (iii) answering customer service matters and correcting mistakes; (iv) providing you with advertisements, offers, and recommendations that are personalised and adapted based on data we have about you; (v) sending you information and direct marketing messages via email or by other means; (vi) analysing market trends and future demands; (vii) further developing the Services and other services provided by companies belonging to Schibsted Media Group (among other things, by adapting such services to what we believe to be the users’ wishes); and (viii) preventing, limiting, and investigating abuse of the Services.

More detailed information about purposes (ii) to (viii) follow.

(ii) To provide the Services to you and improve your user experience

We use personal data to provide you with more user-friendly services. This relates primarily to your experience with movement and usage of functions within the Services. Personal data is also processed with the aim of being able to adapt the viewing of the Services to the device you use, and hence provide you with an enhanced user experience.

*(iv) To personalise advertisements, offers, and recommendations

We want to provide you with recommendations, customised services, and relevant advertising based on your interests and use of the Services. This may include recommendations regarding other products and services based on what you have read or bought, and based on the interests of other users with similar behaviour patterns. This information also enables us to provide digital advertising campaigns customised to each individual user so that you can receive relevant advertising based on your behaviour pattern, age, and other data we have about you.

(v) Send you information and direct marketing messages

If you have an active user relation with us, we may send you information and promotion via email, phone or other digital contact ways (such as social media), unless you have instructed us not to do so. You can unsubscribe from direct marketing by contacting us.

(vi)-(vii) To analyse market trends and further develop the Services

We use personal data to do user modeling, analysis and understand market trends, and thereby improve and develop our websites, product offerings, and services.

(viii) To prevent, limit, and investigate abuse

We need personal data about user activities and technical data to prevent, limit, and investigate various types of abuse of the Services. By ‘abuse’ we mean, among other things, the presentation of false profiles, spamming, harassment, behaviour that violates our "Rules and guidelines for users" or other terms and policies for the Services, as well as other behaviour which is prohibited by law. If we detect abuse of the Services, and to prevent further abuse, we may provide information about your device or IP address using an identification service to prevent further abuse from that device.

Exchange of data

Your personal data will be disclosed to other companies within the Schibsted Media Group, companies wholly or partly owned, directly or indirectly, by Schibsted ASA insofar as it is relevant to achieving the purposes stated in this privacy policy. Such companies may also independently process your personal information in order to personalise and enhance your user experience and improve their products and services.

In some cases we share data with our partners in order to let them personalise offerings and advertisements. We enter into agreements to ensure that our partners process data in accordance with applicable privacy and data protection legislation.

Personal data may be transferred to third parties in case the business or part of the business and personal data processed in connection with such portion are sold, moved or transferred. We may also disclose your information if we are required to do so as a result of legal obligation, court order, government regulation or if such disclosure is necessary to assist a criminal investigation or other legal investigation here or abroad. If there is any suspicion that you have committed a crime in connection with the use of the Services, information may, upon request, be disclosed to the authorities.

We will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose personal data other than as set out in this privacy policy.

Retention and deletion of information

We keep your personal data for as long as needed to fulfill the processing purposes described in this privacy policy. When your personal data is no longer relevant for the purposes for which it has been collected, we will delete or anonymise it. We delete member accounts that have been inactive for 18 months.

Rectify, block, or delete your information

You may request a register extract containing information regarding the personal data we are processing about you. You are entitled also to receive this information free of charge in accordance with applicable law requirements.

You may further, at any time, request that we rectify, block, or delete personal data in accordance with applicable law requirements.


We maintain routines and measures to ensure that no unauthorised persons gain access to your personal data and that all processing of personal data takes place in accordance with applicable law. These measures include risk assessments, implementation of organisational and physical measures, as well as routines for handling of data and follow up requests regarding access to, rectification, block and deletion of personal data.

Use of cookies and other technologies

We use cookies, pixel tags, local storage, and other technologies to understand you as a user and to analyse data regarding users. You can find more information about our use of these technologies in our cookie policy.

Use of social plug-ins

When you use the Services, you may share information from the Services on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, through an implemented social plug-in (such as a 'like' button). If you choose to share information via a social plug-in, your browser will transfer the following data to the social medium:
a) date and time of your visit;
b) the internet address or URL for the address you are temporarily visiting;
c) your IP address;
d) the browser you are using;
e) the operating system you are using;
f) your username and password and, where applicable, whether you are a registered user of the social medium, your first name and surname; and
g) the information for which you have used this specific plug-in.

With respect to such information, we refer to the terms and conditions for the relevant social medium. We encourage you to keep yourself informed about the purpose and scope of the collection of information which takes place through social plug-ins. You can block social plug-ins in your browser settings. Note that we do not have influence over the information that the social medium collects through the use of plug-ins.

Personal data controller

The Services are provided by PriceSpy Media Ltd and PriceSpy Media Ltd is also responsible for personal data.

All companies within the Schibsted Media Group that process data in connection with your use of the Services are controllers for their own processing of your personal data and are obliged to ensure that the processing is accordance with this privacy policy and applicable law requirements.

Contact us

To exercise the rights above or if you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact us via the contact information on our contact page. You can also get in contact with our data protection officer, who is responsible for PriceSpy and Schibsted handling your personal data correctly, via Schibsted’s data protection form.