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PriceSpy do not charge merchants for being listed. However, merchants can pay to be a "Featured Shop", presented with the merchant's logo and direct links to products. Our aim is to make the market more transparent by providing a comprehensive and 100 per cent impartial comparison service listing both paying and non-paying merchants. We always list the cheapest price first regardless of whether merchants pay us to list their products or not

As a featured shop:
  • The shop's logo is displayed whenever its name is presented.
  • For each product listed, there is a clickable link leading directly to the product on the shop's website.
  • The shop may list its own retailer message, which then will be displayed on all pages where the shop's name is presented.
  • The shop will have access to an advanced statistical system to optimize its product range, keep an eye on their competitors, and more.  

Note that the following applies to all shops, regardless of whether they are featured shops or not:

  • All shops and their prices are listed and sorted according to the same sorting criteria.
  • Price information is updated several times a day.
  • New products are added as quickly as possible.
  • Shipping costs are displayed when available, not because of commercial reasons.
  • Shops can not pay to have negative shop ratings removed.
  • Shop ratings which prove to be false or otherwise violate our rules will be removed.