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Yet Another Becextech Review

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Cheryl B
  • Cheryl B
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Posted 22 August 2020 - 08:10 AM

This company sells themselves as a "New Zealand" company and I should have looked further. If I had found what I see now of this company I would never have made a purchase from them. 

This company has wildly fraudulent business practices.

First, they treated me like a criminal from the get-go. I made a purchase for over $1400 for a limited edition camera that was "in stock" which it wasn't in stock and was offered another product, offered for me to wait indefinitely, and offered a refund. 
I expressed that yes, I wanted my money refunded, then all of a sudden they miraculously had the product in stock after a week of emails with them pushing back on the refund.

They then stated that if I wanted to "cancel" I would have to pay a $55 administration fee. so basically they are extorting money out of me. They also made a fraudulent charge on my credit card (less than a buck) that I was to go look up to prove who I am so they can approve the purchase that was over $1400. Even my bank said this is unorthodox and not standard business practices.


Basically they sold me something they didn't have, kept my money and me hooked on the line long after I requested a refund, then they changed the story and the rules of business engagement, and are now trying to extort an administration fee out of me.


I don't want the product from this company, have found an actual NZ company to deal with, and Becextech is now saying they are sending me the camera so I will end up paying a restocking fee and an administration fee for a product that they never had in the first place.

At every turn, this has been a nightmare, I will never use this company again. Ever. 


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Posted 27 August 2020 - 10:57 AM

Hi Cheryl,


Yes unfortunately Becextech is an absolutey appalling company to deal with and we've heard many accounts from unhappy customers on here.


Consumer NZ has covered how bad they are in a post here, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found they were engaged in dodgy business practises.


I would suggest escalating to the Disputes Tribunal. You can lodge a complaint online here. Then I would suggest you email Becextech and notfiy them you have lodged a formal claim against them with the Disputes Tribunal, but that you will withdraw the claim if they refund you _in full_ within 1 week or so. Don't give in to their BS about 'restocking' or 'administration' fees, they are just trying to squeeze money out of you while they have the control.


I assume you've seen some of the other threads in the forum about them but you might want to check out this one.


Edit: Another bad news story about Becextech, this one more recent about them having breached the fair trading act in NZ.


I'd say anyone who goes to the Disputes Tribunal will have an advantage over them considering their terrible history of consumer treatment.

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