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RAM voltage

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 08:30 AM

I think the topic has well and truly been done to death by now. Conclusions:
  • 1.65 V memory will cause your memory controller to degrade faster (~20% faster), but may or may not cause any fault in the time you'll be using the CPU (you can expect it to last only just over 8 years instead of 10 – but no guarantees).
  • Using the higher voltage memory might* void Intel's warranty, but it will not void the warranty under the CGA (nor will overclocking) assuming you didn't cause the damage. However, a claim under the CGA may be far more awkward than a claim under Intel's warranty (retailers hate them).
  • The higher voltage memory can be run at lower speeds and voltages. However, there's no point paying more for 1600 MHz RAM if you're only going to run it at 1333 MHz.
  • There isn't that much of a price difference between 1600 MHz 1.65 V RAM and 1600 MHz 1.5 V RAM.
  • Lower voltage RAM is of better quality.
  • Some people don't have a problem with using 1.65 V RAM, while others do. Personally, I wouldn't run at 1.65 V long-term, but I would (and probably will) for short overclocking/benchmarking sessions – but you decide what you are comfortable with.
  • Intel, on some slides, does suggest that 1.65 V RAM is OK when overclocking.
  • Intel claims that 1.35 V RAM is not supported somehow.
* In the opinion of most NZ retailers and suppliers it probably would, and responses from Intel support are inconclusive. However, see the below quote on their opinion:

Just heard back from Intel support. If the failure of the CPU is due to the increased voltage on the memory, then the warranty is void. If the processor ceases to function for reasons unrelated to the increased voltage on the memory, then the processor is still covered under Intel's warranty.

Arguments go to https://pricespy.co....?showtopic=2954
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